Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stiff necks & Pink blankets.

I should have known that starting a blog would mean having to deal with that horrid process of passwords.
Yes, fact, I forgot it. Again.


The couches in the LLCs can only stay comfortable for so long. My dearest roommate Cassandra has moved back to home to get ready to pursue her dream of studying opera at an academy in Italy. Which quite frankly, is AMAZING. But it makes my life miserable. Now I'm stuck with in an empty dorm with no Cassandra to make me food and to MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. She was an amazing roommate, and I'm going to miss her very much.
But now it looks like I'll get to have all these little LLC couches to myself.. America.
 Too bad they're really not good for my back. Nothing is good for my back these days.

Alright, it's been awhile since I blogged last.
My mono has mostly gone away, but I was fighting a monstrous cold until recently. I cannot seem to stop getting sick.. But in a strange way, it's been good in that I've had to learn the true meaning of resting. Tis a skill that is not very well known in this day and age. So there.

Other then the tragedy of Cassandra moving out, and me fighting whatever illness seems to be irking me, the new spring semester has not provided any means of excitement. Music classes are basically all the same, I've decided to start tallying how many times my philosophy professor says "Ok" in his lectures, and I've discovered that it is only necessary to attend my Calculus class once a week instead of four. My schedule of only 12 credits makes my days extremely open, especially with no marching band. At first this really bothered me, for being lazy is not really a good mindset for me to be in.. But, since I keep getting sick consistently, I suppose it is for my benefit. I've been hoping and praying that a job will work out sooner then later.. But again, who knows how much longer I'll be getting sick over and over again.

And, I don't feel like typing a novel tonight.

Hey, bee-tee-dubs, say a prayer or two for the families, friends, and everybody involved in the tragedies that happened on our campus over the weekend.

-Alice Margaret

Thursday, December 20, 2012

About some things

Mono is a very curious sickness, very unlike anything I've ever had before. It literally gives me an excuse to be slow and lazy all day. Of course it is very convenient that this happens to be my Holiday break.
I realized awhile ago that this is the first time in my young adult life where I have a block of time to do nothing. I have no school work to worry about, no job to worry about, no drama to worry about, no immediate-thingy-I-need-to-attend-to to worry about, no boys to worry about, no nothin'...

Well to be fair, I am well-known for being a worry wart of some kind. So naturally I'm choosing to worry about the silliest of things, like how I need to finish my book on Clementine Churchill so I can read the book about scrupulosity that my mom recommended to me.. or that I need to learn like three piano songs for whatever reason, or that I know I messed up on the Music Theory I final because I was unsure about some things and looked at my theory notebook later (the notebook which GAVE ME MONO, more on that later) and I realized that I did quite a few things wrong on the Final blah blah blah puppies and America and youtube blah blah blah....

Whatever, naw, I've done enough worrying in this past year then anybody should ever have to do in a lifetime.

I am consistently overwhelmed whenever I stop to think about how much I've changed in the past year. If I have learned anything from the year 2012, it's that life is beautifully unpredictable. The end. And it should be that way. I am a very different person then the Alice of 2011. Oh, I can be brutally nostalgic about everything. To be honest, I don't really have a real liking for Christmas. Any excitement with that went out the window somewhere in my mid-teens.. Yeah sure it's great and all, but let's just say my family put up a tree, put some lights on it.. and kinda have left it, and we don't really care because we're all to busy to finish it and we know we'll be to busy to take it all down in less then a week. But anyway..
No, New Years has got to be my favorite holiday.
Like I said before, I tend to get awfully nostalgic, thinking about the past year.. All the things that were learned, how far I had come, and had situations had brutally changed so unexpectedly. People often get so annoyed with me during this. Actually I feel that I am annoying to most people all the time anyway, so psshhaawww. I have big mouth that sometimes talks before hitting my brain.

My darling friend Katie Erickson recently told me that I'm probably the most impulsive person she knows. I was about to argue that point, but then realized I could not. Katie and I had some interesting adventures in high school that really justifies her statement. And, it has been proven that it is a dangerous and most annoying occurrence when I get rather intoxicated. The last drunken incident has resulted in my friends being very insistent that I never drink again.. There is no filter on my mouth, and I suppose it can be disastrous in a room full of people. Okay, fine. Let that be a warning to you all.

Brutal honesty can be a dangerous weapon. I've made way to many wounds with it.

Anyhow, yes, New Years is approaching fast. I do not know if I will be able to attend any shenanigans, due to the mono weighing me down. If I do, I'm either going to Portland with Aaron Cochrane or Pullman with Sam Logan. Probably the latter, and I'll probably make Aaron take me... he doesn't know that yet.

Tired. Gonna stop thinking.


-Alice Margaret    


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Here is that blog I've been meaning to start.

Alright, consider it started.

Well, most of you know me. By that I mean you saw me post a link to my blog somewhere, more then likely on Facebook, then decided to stalk me. Cool, 5 points to our generation of technology.
But that's the thing with the internet, or in this case, blogging.
By starting a blog, officially, I am hereby saying that it is OKAY to stalk my life. Because if I wanted to make all my writings private, I would not post them on the internet. So, there.

I suppose the real purpose of this blog is to let go of some thoughts, or no, not thoughts, stories is a better word. Yes, stories of my life. Some of you know that I tell a lot of stories. And most of you know that I'm really bad at lying. Put those two things together and, there's Alice. Figure that one out.

Everybody has stories. It's a matter of whether you're a blabbermouth or not. I'm a blabbermouth.

My Grandma D called today. She wanted to know if I owned the piano music for Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I do, kinda. It's in one of those big books of classical music. Actually I've been working on an Eric Satie piece lately, and of course that Moonlight song is in it. My dear sweet Grandpa D loves that song and wanted to get me music for it, so perhaps I can learn it for him. Bless his heart. I would certainly prefer Beethoven over Haydn these days. I did a Haydn piece for my last jury (which I completed while having mono, ha!), and if you know anything about classical music, you'll understand when I say that I feel naked every time I play Haydn, or Mozart. With Beethoven it is slightly more possible to feel clothed, but only slightly.
Uh, anyway, so I do kinda own the Moonlight Sonata, but it's in my family's book, and I'm home for the holidays and all, but my brother dearest probably would not like me taking it back to school with me. So, Gma D said she wanted to buy my own piano book for me. And if any of you readers know my Gma D, she's a talker, and she knows it. But I always learn something new from her.. Like how to be a good waitress. "NEVER USE THE SAME WASH CLOTH FOR THE TABLE AND THE CHAIRS, AND FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE CLEAN OUT THE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS."
No, she does not yell, as the caps might suggest, but that's the way I'll have to remember it in my brain.
Also got to hear more details about the beginnings of my grandparent's 60-something year marriage together. It's a very sweet story, ya know.
In fact it's to darn sweet for this site. Ask me about it later and I'll type that up sometime. And, I may or may not get the facts all wrong, then Gma would read it and would correct me.... yeah, some other time.

I inherited my Gma D's extremely blonde hair, blue eyes, and the ability to talk anybody to death.

You'll find that not all these posts will make a lot of sense, or "flow" together much, as it were.
You wonderful creatures that have been around me long enough certainly already know that... But for you distant admirers/stalkers/whoever the heck you are, get over it.

Oh, and um, I have mono. Got diagnosed during Finals week, last week. So my momma came and got me, and because my mother dearest is a rockstar, she was able to help me get out of my Stats final, filing an "Incomplete." So that's all I've been doing.. been home, just finished the Harry Potter movie series today, ya know.. probably going to start Star Wars later tonight.

Shevin Halvorson and Emma Ludington are the bestest of the best best friends ever. Those poor things had to deal with me an awful lot through the mono thing, and various other fun happenings.
That had to be said.

Alright, I'm gonna wrap this up.

This may have been a flaky post, but there shall be more to come. I probably should have mentioned earlier that the reason behind this blog is that it is an answer to some requests I've had from some people to tell some specific stories of my life that have happened somewhat recently. I can assure you my stories are nothing but lame 20 year old blabbers, I mean what do I know?

Also, some posts might be offensive. So... get over it. America.

I need to think of a good "sign off"...

There's God Bless... or... sincerely...


-Alice Margaret